Moving Company Baltimore is an expert when it comes to moving in and around Baltimore and offers services that are reliable and affordable for all budgets.


Since we have been around for 20 years plus we have added extra services through the years, these have been added because our clients have requested them and we have done a good job of incorporating and expanding our businesses to accommodate these changes. We really have a vast variety of services so you will always find what you need with moving company Baltimore.

Packing Services

If you are stuck for time and you need help with packing services then we will always be here to provide you with boxes, bubble wrap and an expert team that will come in and make sure everything is packed correctly and will be free of breakages. We also have Coat hanger boxes so you can very simply take the clothes out of the closet and hang them straight in the box.

Loading and Unloading

With our movers kitted out in gear that helps them lift large loads they can relocate items in no time at all. The will expertly pack your items on to the truck in a safe manor and make sure its stored correctly so it does not move and get damaged during transit. We have trolleys and carts to move items like washing machines and dryers and dressers so nothing gets scraped up or damaged.

Long Distance Relocation

We not only move people on a local level but we relocate people across country and from state to state. Our moving company has dispatchers all over the country so we can make sure your items get to any state with ease and no trouble. We can even ship your car so you will not put added unnecessary mileage on the vehicle.

Storage and warehousing

If you are downsizing to a smaller place and you have excessive stuff that you are not ready to sell then let us help you out. We can provide storage solutions for you so you don’t have to worry about rushing to get rid of stuff and regretting any rash decisions. We have clean and secure storage locations that are accessible to you 24 hours a day. We can even store cars or RVs if needed, we offer cheap rates and if you plan on storing for 6 months or more we have great discounted rates.